Fillers for Facial Wrinkles and Folds

Dr. Godin uses a new generation of filler materials which are safer and longer lasting than collagen. He is a nationally known expert in the use of both Radiesse and Restylane, and has published a scientific article about the combined use of both materials. Juvederm™, a new filler from the makers of BOTOX®, is also used. The fillers vary in where in the face they can most safely be placed and how long they last. The most popular areas for improvement are the folds between the mouth and cheeks and the “lipstick lines” around the mouth. These fillers may also be used to enhance the size or change the shape of the lips. These 30-minute treatments are performed in the office under both topical and local anesthesia for comfort. We consider it an advantage to have an expert in facial plastic surgery performing your nerve blocks so that you tolerate the filler injections well, especially in the lip area.

Dr. Godin is also proficient in using facial fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane, and Juvederm, as well as muscle relaxants such as Botox, to not only reduce wrinkles, but also lift and contour sagging facial features. This revolutionary approach, known as a “liquid facelift,” can be used to treat the entire face or specific areas, and offers long lasting results with little or no down time.

Dr. Godin is a Distinguished Member Physician of the Liquid Facelift Association and has contributed patient examples (with permission) to the association Web site for the education of other doctors. Learn more at

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