The mission of our practice is to deliver superior care, unsurpassed service, and surgical excellence to our patients. This website is an introduction to the services we provide. More detailed information is available through my office, and my staff and I will be happy to provide this to you.

Facial plastic surgery generally improves appearance for women and men by correcting deformities, disfigurements or unsightly features and by eliminating conspicuous marks of aging. My specialized training in head and neck surgery makes it possible for me, when appropriate, to improve function while enhancing appearance as well.

It is essential that persons considering such surgery be realistic and emotionally mature. Not everyone is a good candidate for surgery for various reasons; nor is everyone who desires cosmetic correction or enhancement accepted for surgery. The degree of success depends upon surgical skill and experience, as well as on the patient’s age, health, skin texture, and bone structure.

The procedures in this website are explained in “average case” terms; variations do exist. Please review the information, concentrating on the procedures that are of interest to you, and write down any questions for discussion during your office visit. You may arrange a consultation with me by calling (804) 285-8578.

Portions of this material have been adapted from the writings of facial plastic surgeons who preceded me into this fascinating area of medicine. Their dedication to the field of cosmetic facial surgery has been a great inspiration to all of us who perform these procedures.

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