Tuck-Up Procedures

Tuck-ups are small-incision procedures that target specific problems such as sagging of the neck, a jowl in the middle of the jawline, or sagging in the temple area near the outside corners of the eyes. Tuck-ups are generally performed for younger patients who have an area that seems to be aging more quickly than the rest of the face, or for patients who have had more extensive procedures such as facelifts and forehead lifts and require a “tune-up” of the original work. They have the advantage of being smaller surgeries so there is generally less swelling, bruising and downtime.

Patients can undergo tuck-ups and sometimes return to work in as little as four or five days. With strategic scheduling, this can lead to only two or three work days missed. Tuck-ups have become popular for our “on the go patients” and are recommended when appropriate. If a larger degree of improvement is needed to achieve the patient’s goals, then a more extensive procedure, such as a facelift or forehead lift is planned.

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